Partner Management


To use this API, all calls must be authenticated, i.e. a token in the header must be present. The API to do this authentication is found here: ExorLive OAuth 2.0 Authentication.

The methods

  • All calls should have these headers:
    • "ExorLive-Client": "client named to be agreed upon with ExorLive AS."
    • "Authorization": "Bearer accesstoken"

  • The base URL for all these methods is:


  • Call this method to get a link that can be sent to a contact to invite that contact to Exorlive Go. The link will be similar to the link in the email that is sent using the "invite" button in the ExorLive application.
  • The caller must provide the ExorLive user id of the contact. That may be retrieved using LookupUser
  • contactUserId: The ExorLive UserId of the contact
Sample calls


The scenario

  • The PartnerA has a software called JournalA. They have 3 customers called Cust1, Cust2, and Cust3.
  • Each customer has their own Organization in ExorLive.
  • PartnerA has created a link between JournalA and ExorLive, so that the users can jump from JournalA to ExorLive. That is implemented using the ExorLive Partner JWT link.
  • PartnerA is using the ExorLive API and has recieved an API key from ExorLive for this.
  • PartnerA would like to call the API and access ExorLive data about Cust1, Cust2 and Cust3.
  • Cust1, Cust2 and Cust3 must approve the access to their ExorLive data. That happens automatically when the first user in each customers organization uses the jump from JournalA to ExorLive.
In the scenario described above, the PartnerA may call this method to get the API access to Cust1 or Cust2 or Cust3's data. An adminUserId of the given organization is returned. Use this to get the accesstoken to call the API for that organization.
  • partnerApiKey: The API key (not the secret) that is used in API calls.
  • externalOrganizatonId: The Id of the Customer in the partners system. The same ID that is used in the JWT link payload.
Sample calls