This documentation describes the different ways a partner application may communicate with ExorLive. It is called the "link" between ExorLive and the partner application and the main objective is to allow the partner application to be the "master" of the clients data and ExorLive to be the "slave" that provides exercise data to the partner application.


Link to ExorLive Main and Go

ExorLive Main is intended to be used by instructors and the link allows them to open ExorLive directly from the partner application with contact in focus and create exercise programs and plans for that contact.
ExorLive Go is meant to be used by contacts to view the exercise programs and plans prepared for them by instructors as well as record their activities. The link allows contact to open ExorLive from partner application without the need to authenticate again.
Both scenarios are supported by our JWT link solution described here here.

Alternative link to ExorLive Main

The instructor works with a contact in the partner application and from there opens ExorLive Main to create exercise programs and plans for that contact. See the different ways this may be done here.

Alternative link to ExorLive Go

The contact uses ExorLive Go to view programs and plans and to record activities.
Integrate our HTML5 single page application into your app.

Integrate ExorLive Go with your own GUI

The partner application manages the exercise data in its own GUI. Yet, it utilizes the features that the ExorLive engine and database provides. In this case the partner application communicates with ExorLive through an API. This approach requires more development work by the partner, compared to the Iframe approach.
See the overview here and methods here.

Get Exercise Programs from ExorLive

The pull approach:
Methods for downloading workouts assigned to contacts. Download PDF and link the workouts and store these in partner system. The Workout Exporter API is documented here
The push approach:
Alternatively, we can also send the PDFs to the partner's API whenever a new workout is prepared. This is a fully custom approach so please contact us to discuss this possibility.