Link to ExorLive Go

ExorLive Go is an HTML5 web app with some limited functionality. For example; it is not possible for the contact to create new exercise programs, only receive them from an instructor.

For all mentioned methods authentication needs to be in place.

Integrate ExorLive Go in an Iframe

You can integrate ExorLive Go in an iframe. This gives the contact the ability to view programs and plans, as well as record workouts.

Creating your own application

If you wish to create your own application but still have access to the data provided by ExorLive Go, then you can use our Go API and customize the user experience to your liking.

Functions available to implement your own mobile application like ExorLive Go

  • Methods for creating an end user client.
  • Look up available workouts.
  • Browse this users activities, including the exercises within activities.
  • Create new activities based on available workouts.
  • Modify details of activities and their exercises.
  • Store execution of activities and exercises.
  • Look up available training plans, called "plan templates", and assign them to a users training calender.

A typical use-case for this API is an application for the end user to view his/her training and to record new training sessions.

The general methods are found here.

Methods for the Plan template API are found here.

A demo-application written in Javascript is found here:
To use this demo, make sure to be logged in to ExorLive in another tab/window.