This API contains a set of methods that may be used to create an end user application that:

  • Looks up available workouts.
  • Browses this users activities, including the exercises within activities.
  • Creates new activities based on available workouts.
  • Modifies details of activities and their exercises.
  • Store execution of activities and exercises.
Hence, a typical application to use this API is an application for the end user to view his/her training and to record new training sessions. Similar to the mobile application called "ExorLive Go".


To use this API, all calls must be authenticated, i.e. a token in the header must be present. The API to do this authentication is found here: ExorLive OAuth 2.0 Authentication.

The methods

  • All calls should have these headers:
    • "ExorLive-Client": "client named to be agreed upon with ExorLive AS."
    • "Authorization": "Bearer accesstoken"

  • The base URL for all these methods is: https://exorlive.com/

  • The general methods are found here.

  • A demo-application written in Javascript is found here: https://exorlive.com/test/GoApiDemo.html

  • Methods for the Plan template API are found here.

  • A demo-application for the plan templates methods written in Javascript is found here: https://exorlive.com/test/PlanTemplateDemo.html