Desktop to web

Open a URL

The easiest way to get from the Partner Application to ExorLive is to open a browser window with URL to ExorLive with some URL parameters about what to open.


The easiest way to get going is to leave the authentication to the user. The first time ExorLive is opened, the user is asked to log in. The login is remembered.

A more comprehensive approach is to automatically log in the user using ClientKey/ClientSecret approach. If everything is OK, the user will be automatically logged in. There are a few cases that may require the user to log in anyway:

  • The user has an active login session somewhere else.
  • The browser you are targeting has an active login session (active cookies) of some other ExorLive user.

A browser or a webcontrol

A drawback of the browser approach is that a new tab is opened in the browser each time the user goes from the partner application to ExorLive. This may be solved by instead sending the URL to a webcontrol in a window inside the partner application. The behavior will be similar to the ExorLive Webwrapper but the window is part of the partner application instead of being a separate installation.

URL definition[contactId]

[contactId] is the ExorLive ID of the contact to open. This ID is retrieved by the GetListOfUsers, ResolveCustomId, or the SetPersonDetails methods.

Transfer contact details from the partner application to ExorLive

Most likely the partner application is a journal program with details about the contacts and you want to transfer some basic details about the contact to ExorLive. The users wants to see which contact he/she is working on when working in Exorlive, but the users does not have to re-type the information. The method SetPersonDetails creates or updates information about the contact in ExorLive and the ExorLive ID is returned. The CustomId is used as the link between the contact in the partner application and the contact in ExorLive.

Sample code

A completed working sample in C# may be downloaded here. It is well commented code and has more details than found on this webpage.